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Live Interviews with the most important jazz musicians in collaboration with Radio SNJ
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Interview With Jeremy Pelt: "I can't tell you what the future of jazz will be. I hope I'm here to see it!" (Achille Brunazzi)
Interview with Spike Wilner at The Small: "Jazz is a music of communication. No need for words - just musical gestures. Great jazz musicians don't need cues or charts. Real jazz is the spontaneous moment of creation...the foundation of jazz is the blues and romance and joy. Without those elements, no jazz...Jazz is a feeling - it's not vague." (Achille Brunazzi)
Interview with Youn Sun Nah: "Born in Korea, but resident in France since the nineties, singer Youn Sun Nah has made herself known for her chameleonic ability to express herself through jazz, pop, chanson, rock and bossa. An heterogeneity mastered performing the tunes in many idioms, regardless of borders between styles and countries." (Nico Conversano)
Randy Weston African Rhythms Sextet at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola". "The Sextet turned on the heat, they evoked musical phrases from around the globe: Turkish, African, Cuban, Brazilian, and of course American." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Alvester Garnett and His Artworks Ensemble perform in the After Hours at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola" in New York (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents "The Music of Kurt Weill", Featuring Ute Lemper: "What an elegant night at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Tonight was a night to remember..." (Dr. Roberta Zlokower)
Interview with Chihiro Yamanaka: "Musically trained between Royal Academy of Music in London and Berklee College of Music in Boston, this gifted musician has been the recipient of countless awards in Japan, Europe and America, where she now resides. Her recordings received important acknowledgements from critics and fans and her live performances are distinguished for energy and great swing. We met her during her last 'Forever Begins European Tour'". (Nico Coversano)
Terence Blanchard Quintet at Jazz Standard, New York: "Terence Blanchard is a high energy performer, and, with tonight's quintet at Jazz Standard, he was propulsive." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Lee Konitz Quartet at Iridium Jazz club, New York: "On a late summer night, Lee Konitz arrived at Iridium, on his bluesy alto sax, and his quartet blazed through the whole set." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Interview with Guy Zinger: "This album is called "Project Out Of The Blue". It came out of the blue, it really did. It came out of a series of unexpected events in my life and this is also (unexpectedly) how I met all the players in it: Simone, Tim and Patrick." (Eva Simontacchi)
Kenny Barron drew a packed house at Dizzy's Club tonight, part of Todd Barkan's great lineup of talent. For the After-Hours set, Eugenio Macchia, from Gioia del Colle, Italy, brought out his trio. (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Interview with Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunick - Incognito: "Influences are from everywhere but one of the things that separates the songwriter from any other form of writing is that we have this extra texture that becomes the soundtrack of other people's lives...." (Eva Simontacchi)
Buster Williams' Spanish Sun, Flamenco Rising. The famous bass player, together with Eric Reed, Adam del Monte, Mark Gross and Ignacio Berroa at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York. (Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower)
Jazzitalia celebrates 10 years: "20th June 2000, Jazzitalia's adventure started. Today, after ten years, we are still here to make available a tool useful for who needs to make known his job within jazz music area, who would like to be updated about evolutions, trends, news of this musical world." (Marco Losavio)
The Phil Woods Quintet at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola": "...a band to re-visit!" (Roberta Zlokower)
Ted Nash Quintet at Dizzy’s Club "Coca-Cola": "I was joined at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola for tonight's third set by Marco Losavio, Publisher of JazzItalia.net, who had just flown into New York a few hours earlier..." (Roberta Zlokower)
Love, Linda: The Life of Mr. Cole Porter: "If you love Cole Porter's music, rich, cognac vocals, sexy theatricality, classy, high society anecdotes, top of the line music and orchestrations, a glass of wine, and an intimate setting, then rush to The Triad, on West 72nd Street, for Stevie Holland's new Wednesday night show, "Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter"." (Roberta Zlokower)
Interview with Roy Hargrove: "I just want people to feel happy, and forget about the troubles that they have in their life, you know? I think that's really what it's all about for me. If the people aren't extremely happy after the show then I feel like I didn't do my job correctly." (Eva Simontacchi)
Christian McBride Big Band with Nicholas Payton at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola": "The Christian Mcbride Big Band with Nicholas Payton on trumpet entertained a packed Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola tonight, enhanced by Todd Barkan's enthusiastic introductions and accolades." (Roberta Zlokower)
Toots Thielmans at Blue Note with Kenny Werner, Oscar Castro-Neves, and Airto: "What a treat to see Toots Thielemans performing again at almost 88..." (Roberta Zlokower)
New Yorker Hotel Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary with a 1930's Retro Party! "The New Yorker Hotel gave itself a grand, red-carpet party for its 80th Anniversary, with 1930's style live music, featuring Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, 1930's show girls, cigar girls, elevator operator, and a swinging cabaret trio." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Ann Hampton Cal loway Swings the Great American Songbook at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in New York (Roberta Zlokower)
Il Punto Ristorante Presents Victor Prieto and Jorge Roeder Jazz Duo! This was the first of a weekly Monday jazz series, presented by RobertaOnTheArts.com, that includes an authentic two-course Italian pasta dinner, wine, live music, and an opportunity to meet New York dining and jazz enthusiasts who come together in Il Punto's elegant private room with its wooden arches and custom oak bar. (Roberta Zlokower)
Every December at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, Ilene Glick Barkan, wife of Artistic Administrator and renowned record producer, Todd Barkan, celebrates her birthday with friends, relatives, and the Club's jazz fans. This year, Ilene and friends were serenaded by the spirited music of Lucky Thompson,
Italian Jazz Days at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola" in New York with the Rosario Giuliani Quartet with con Lucio Ferrara, Nicola Angelucci and the great Joey DeFrancesco on Hammond. (Roberta Zlokower)
Ivan Lins at Blue Note in Milan: "His simplicity, naturalness and generosity are evident during his performances. You can feel he's with his audience all the time; he gives all he's got, and he does it having fun and involving Amuedo, the guitar-player with meaningful glances in order to establish performances and dynamics." (E. Simontacchi, N. Pazzaglia)
Interview with Ivan Lins: "When I start to write songs, well, I've never written songs for me, because I started to sing a little late in my career. Well, I started everything late. I started piano when I was 18, and then I started to write songs when I was at the University, and I never thought I was going to sing one day in my life. So when I was starting to write songs, I was imagining somebody singing them. And this kicks into my heart today." (Eva Simontacchi)
John Patitucci, Joe Lovano, Brian Blades featured at Todd Barkan's Birthday Party at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola". (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Joe Baione Sextet, with Jorge Castro, Marshall Gilkes, Toru Dodo, Marco Panascia and Aaron Walker at Iridium Jazz Club in New York. (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Eddie Palmieri and His Afro Caribbean Jazz Sextet at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola" - New York (Roberta Zlokower)
Chembo Corniel's Latin Jazz Quintet at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola", After Hours - New York (Roberta Zlokower)
Sonny Fortune Quartet at The Kitano New York: "Sonny Fortune, who can play alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxes, as well as clarinet and flute, is going strong after decades of performance in concerts and recordings." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola", Swings into Spring, in the After Hours, Featuring Charenée Wade with Oscar Perez and His Quartet. (Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band brings New Orleans at Blue Note: "...Allan and Sandra Jaffe, in 1961, developed the mission to preserve the music of New Orleans and send a professional band, steeped in the genre, around the globe. Tonight's concert inspired the packed crowd to clap, stand, sway, and smile broadly in this feel-good, melodic milieu." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Interview with Ken Vandermark: "There are many things that motivate me, that go into the process of composing or improvising....General inspiration really comes from everywhere, and often from non-musical sources.In my experience, creative thinking inspires creative thinking. The ideas and solutions to the problems in one field are often linked to the kinds of work that can happen in another, even if the material used are completely different..." (Stefano Ferrian)
Free [the] Jazz, interview with Ellery Eskelin: "To me, freedom means being able to play anything that you hear in your mind. This takes skill on the instrument and many years of practice until playing the saxophone becomes as natural as speaking. I am still trying to attain total freedom by increasing my skills and musical accuracy every day..." (Stefano Ferrian)
Miles' and Coltrane's "Kind of Blue" and "Giant Steps": a 50th Anniversary at Jazz at Lincoln Center. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of two renowned recordings, Jazz at Lincoln Center assembled a first-rate ensemble of artists for the Valentine weekend series.
Interview with Kelli Sae and Peter Legat - Count Basic: "...it came together as a project that I had in mind combining the styles of music that I like that are the funky groovy stuff and some jazz influences that I have. I met Kelli in London when we did our first record there, and since 1993 we go on together." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with the young russian guitar player Roman Matin: "One note - for me it is already very much. I see very important task in saying anything concisely. I am afraid to say what was said once again." (John Douglas)
Interview with Emiliano Loconsolo: "I believe we're really going through a period of synthesis. I mean, if you hear today's composers, you can really hear a lot of jazz, classical, early music, folk and rock influences and I found this very fascinating." (Eva Simontacchi)
Arturo O'Farrill Sextet at Dizzy's Club, Coca-Cola in New York: "This Sextet has pep and power, with classical and Latin infusion at every corner..." (Roberta Zlokower)
Interview with Eumir Deodato: "Some of the classical orchestrators that inspired me a lot were Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Alban Berg, Paul Hindemith, Rimsky-Korsakoff and a few others. On the jazz and pop side, Gil Evans, Oliver Nelson, Bob Brookmeyer, Henry Mancini, and many others." (Alessio Berto)
Jazzitalia at IAJE Annual Convention 2008: "Both the upside and downside of the annual IAJE Convention is that there are so many concerts, clinics and masterclasses to attend, people to meet, instruments to try, booths to see and schmoozing to be done..." (Jamie Baum)
Candido Camero: Hands on Fire receives 2008 NEA Jazz Master Award at IAJE Annual Convention 2008."His sound and feel mesmerized the audience, making it clear why he is a Jazz Master". (Jamie Baum)
Bessie Smith's life, the greatest blues singer in the world will never stop singing: "It was her powerful voice that hypnotized the audience, but also her mises contributed to the general effect. They were original, but not very elaborate. She often wore long pearl necklaces, a Spanish shawl and sometimes ostrich features." (Brunella Marinelli)
Clayton Brothers Quintet at Dizzy's Club, Coca-Cola: "Not only did this quintet perform with exceptional quality and versatility, but John and Jeff spoke with warmth and humor to the packed second set audience, relating personal and jazz family anecdotes." (Roberta Zlokower)
The Danilo Rea - Roberto Gatto Trio, featuring Joseph Lepore at Dizzy's Club, Coca-Cola in New York: "...the trio brings a combination of authentic Italian opera arias, fused with jazz, as well as music Americana, like Bacharach and Lennon, and original jazz interpretations of popular Italian songs." (Roberta Zlokower)
Interview With Gendrickson Mena: "...it is possible to work on an evolution of latin jazz, because I believe it should evolve. Why play it as Poncho Sanchez or Mongo Santamaria or Tito Puentes? It should evolve and be renewed, it should be updated by adding all these jungle, acid-jazz and world-music influences; in my opinion it will become more interesting." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Nils Petter Molvaer: "The sound...I think it comes from...trying to search for a voice which I can feel related to and in that there are some sounds that really move me, like the sound of the voice itself, of course, but also North African musical instruments like the Ney flute or the Armenian Duduk and the Indian Flute,, they have this sort of...I don't know, of oxygen in the sound, the breath that it has, that is an inspiration." (Luca Vitali)
Gendrickson Mena & The New Cuban Experience at Blue Note: "...the audience is totally immersed in a warm and embracing atmosphere, loaded with energy and rhythm...the talented group-leader allows us to enjoy the warm voice of his flugelhorn, performing a virtuoso solo..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Kristin Asbjornsen:"...I work a lot with improvisation and that has been the main focus, to developed possibilities in the voice as well" (Luca Vitali)
Interview with Arve Henriksen: "...I've been open wide since I started to play trumpet and being a musician, I've been more interested in working with different types of music, folk music, jazz, contemporary music, rock pop, I really find interesting a lot of different stiles...in every situation I am in, I try to find something to learn from it..." (Luca Vitali)
Interviw with Karrin Allyson: "...I'm sincere in wanting to bring joy and beauty and laughter and thoughtfulness to the listener. It's not about posing. It's about reaching people. And that's what I hope happens...." (Eva Simontacchi)
Karrin Allyson at Blue Note: "...Karrin Allyson proves her versatility and skills by performing songs in different styles with different moods and tempos, performing "vocalese", and adding lyrics on great jazz instrumentals. Her scat-singing is superb and very accurate and conveys joy and playfulness...." (Eva Simontacchi)
New York, January 2007, the 34th IAJE Annual Conference. As always, dozens and dozens of appointments including some more important moments like NEA Jazz Masters. Moreover, this year, Greg Osby interviewed Ornette Coleman for Downbeat (Jamie Baum, Patrizia Scascitelli)
Interview with Mary Setrakian: "...I work on the "need". The need is something you have when you're a little child. A need to be loved, a need to be seen, a need to be heard, a need to be somebody. There are all sorts of different needs, and the actor is to connect to the need sensation and sing and speak through that sensation..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Mary Setrakian & Avant Orchestra, When Broadway Encounters Jazz in Italy: "She has no microphone, but we hear her voice quite well, even though a whole big band is playing. She is singing and walking toward the stage in the isle between the rows of seats of the Teatro delle Erbe to reach the orchestra. She carries such a positive energy with her, and spreads it around to all the people in the audience." (Eva Simontacchi)
5 day course with Mary Setrakian: "...we all had to face the fact of "being naked" in our emotions, and this is something that may make somebody unsure, or raise some defences. But Mary supported each of us in our individual journies." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Judy Collins: "...live music is where people get fed ! Their soul, their hearts get fed, and so for the performer the same thing is true. And if I can sleep that night, I know that I've done what I meant to do..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Jazz Poetry: "In ancient times, music and poetry were linked together, and poets were often accompanied by musicians..." (David Treggiari)
Jimmy Scott at Blue Note, Ray Charles describes Jimmy's singing, "This man is all about feeling. He defined what 'soul' is all about in singing long before anyone was using that word!" (Eva Simontacchi)
Grady Tate & "Latin Flavor" at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola for the Latin in Manhattan Festival (Roberta E. Zlokower)
A profile of the great Nina Simone: "There's no other purpose, so far as I'm concerned, for us except to reflect the times, the situations around us and the things we're able to say through our art, the things that millions of people can't say. I think that's the function of an artist and, of course, those of us who are lucky leave a legacy so that when we're dead, we also live on..." (Brunella Marinelli)
Spoleto Vocal Jazz Workshop with Michele Hendricks: "Michelle really likes singers to work with using their memory and their ears rather than looking at a lead sheet with the chords! She feels that if you look at a lead sheet, you never memorize a piece..." (Chrissie Carpenter Oppedisano)
Interview with Michele Hendricks: "...one of my battles when I teach is that I'm trying to get rid of that bad reputation that singers have. Singers should know a little bit about what they're doing. They should understand the chord progression...they should have the same understanding of what's going on in a song that a musician does..." (Chrissie Carpenter Oppedisano)
At JVC Jazz Festival in New York City, the Celebration of Bucky Pizzarelli's 80th Birthday with friends, relatives and...lot of swing! (John Coltelli)
A great concert at Carnegie Hall in honor of Toots Thielemans with Herbie Hancock, Oscar Castro-Neves, Eliane Elias, Ivan Lins, Joe Lovano, Paquito D'Rivera...(Roberta E. Zlokower)
"Hicks Time", Memorial Celebration for John Hicks a New York, presso la St. Peter Church: "The jazz community will miss John Hicks, the musician, and John Hicks, the man. ..." (Roberta Zlokower)
Giovanni Allevi at Blue Note: "...was once again an engaging and entertaining presence, full of passion and personality. He addresses the audience between his original compositions with endearing humor and genuine warmth." (Roberta Zlokower)
The musicians, venues and atmosphere of this fifth annual Rochester International Jazz Festival have once again made it a resounding success. 170 concerts performed by more than 600 musicians, thousands of people, as Mr. Nugent says: "I believe that in the future we're going to have an event here that is one of the best in the world!"(John Coltelli)
Tuck and Patti at Blue Note in Milan: "...Not only can Tuck and Patti reach into your heart and move you to tears; they are also capable of making you smile and have fun." (Eva Simontacchi)
Israel "Cachao" Lopez with his Latin Band at Blue Note: "This was the summer's greatest dance event, but no dance floor was in sight! Yet, hearts and souls danced a raging mambo with this magnificent, Cuban bassist and his 10-piece Latin band..." (Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower)
Interview with Kelli Sae: "I just want people to walk away with the feeling that's very real and that they can connect with. I don't put on a fake air or vibe. I want them to leave feeling good." (Eva Simontacchi)
Pablo Ziegler Quartet at Jazz Standard with Guest, Harry Allen for Tango Meets Jazz series. (Roberta Zlokower)
Valaida Snow, the art instinct, the music instinct: "...She was hitting those high C's just like Louis Armstrong. She would have been a great trumpet player if she had dropped the singing (and by implication the dancing) and concentrated on the trumpet..." (Brunella Marinelli)
Every Tuesday night, at Iridium Jazz Club in New York, the Mingus Big Band, managed by Sue Mingus, performes the music of the Great Charles including some special guests as, in this case, hase been for Randy Brecker...(Roberta Zlokower)
Spirit of Django Reinhardt 2005: "...a sold-out Hall was royally entertained in a well-organized and electrically charged fusion of German, French, American, Rumanian, Cuban, and other musicians, all of whom have passion for the Django genre..." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
Interview with David Thomas, Take 6: "...when we're listening to any style of music, when you can feel someone's emotion, and they're really into it, then that makes it even more interesting..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Jon Hendricks at New York's Blue Note: "...watching artists like Jon Hendricks, I realized the music does keep us alive, and as long as we continue to embrace it and participate, we will not go down easily or quickly..." (Rodney A. Suarez)
Interview with Jay Clayton: "I saw Coltrane at a tiny bar in Cincinnati. The way he connected every note amazed me. And what Miles was doing was singing through the horn. It was the horn players who got inside my soul...You learn this music by osmosis. And the people who are less experienced learn from the people who are more experienced. And we all have somebody more experienced in our lives to learn from..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Francis Dreyfus, founder of the well-known and well-respected Dreyfus Jazz label, one of those labels you pay special attention to...(Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Marcus Miller: "...I like to listen to a wide variety of things and maybe take from here, take from there, take a little of everything and see if I can influence it with jazz..." (Eva Simontacchi)
Interview with Andy Davies: "...I hope we can say something for European Jazz...I love American jazz but I do not think European Jazz gets enough credit..." (Marco Losavio)
Interview with Alex Milella: "...it's very hard today, in a world that is full of inputs that are all but artistic and based only on the way you look, for a boy to be involved with music in such a deep way as it happened to me...." (Alceste Ayroldi)
Interview with Scott Henderson: "...When I was little I listened to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple on the radio… Jimmy Page, Richie Blackmore… then later I listened to Hendrix and Jeff Beck, so those four guys are probably my ‘teachers'..." (Alex Milella)
Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and the split brain: "...About Powell and Monk it has always been pointed out their genius and innovation in the history of jazz. Unfortunately mental illness has been a disturbing element for both these extraordinary artists..." (Brunella Marinelli)
photo by John AbbottGiacomo Gates at Dizzy's Club in New York: "...Scat has never sounded so good. With Earl May on mellow bass and Tony Lombardozzi on creative guitar, Giacomo Gates lit up Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola..." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
photo by Roberta E. ZlokowerGiovanni Allevi at the Blue Note in New York: "...Allevi performed a rippling series of compositions with some mystical, as well as classical qualities. The first exuded passion, while the second, more lyrical, had skipping rhythms and a modern dance motif..." (Roberta E. Zlokower)
photo by Alberto GottardelliInterview and Review on the concert of the great Kurt Elling at the Blue Note "...Kurt Elling is immensely versatile, and keeps changing from one moment to the next – he can charm you with a traditional ballad that may remind you of great Frank Sinatra, and the next moment be scat-singing and commanding his voice as an instrument – acting while singing..." (Eva Simontacchi)
photo by ENJAAndy Davies at Uèffilo in Gioia del Colle: "...The band is the perfect synthesis of European unity in that all the musicians come from different regions of Europe, although joined by the same musical matrix..." (Alceste Ayroldi)
photo by ENJAInterview to Attila Zoller. It's the last Attila interview, he was aware about his health state, he was constrained to assume morfine, but he was available to tell his story, to transmit his love for music. (Bill Donaldson)
photo by Alberto GottardelliJane Monheit at the Blue Note: "...It is outright clear that she is very gifted and talented. Her pitch is perfect, she's very precise, and she uses dynamics knowingly in order to convey her most intimate feelings, apart from having a wonderful swing..." (Eva Simontacchi)
photo by Alberto GottardelliInterview to Jane Monheit: "...My total dream is to be able to keep doing this, tour all over and make records and everything but be able to have kids and have a family at the same time..." (Eva Simontacchi)

Once Upon a Time in the West - Movie Soundtrack • Ennio Morricone | Emiliano Loconsolo - Jazz Singer

Shiny Stockings (Frank Foster, Ella Fitzgerald)

Landscapes - Pasquale Stafano (piano) and Gianni Iorio (bandoneon)

Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71 - "NOMVULA" (Live in studio)

Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71 - "Metropolitan Sketches" (Live in studio)

Enrico Intra
Enrico Intra (Korh Olga)

Mauro Grossi - Matteo Scarpettini
Mauro Grossi - Matteo Scarpettini (Barni Francesco)

Dust Trio
Dust Trio (Barni Francesco)

Simone Graziano - Frontal
Simone Graziano - Frontal (Barni Francesco)

Stefano Bollani - Napoli Trip
Stefano Bollani - Napoli Trip (Barni Francesco)

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10/14/2012 Tuscia in Jazz Summer Masterclass 2013 and Tuscia in Jazz Spring Camp 2013: subscription by end of October at only 200 euro.
10/12/2012 "Giulia's Thursdays" the new John Taylor's CD for CAM Jazz
10/10/2012 "Passione", the new CAM Jazz album by Javier Girotto – Francesco Nastro
10/07/2012 James Carter Trio for the main concerts of the week at Birdland
10/07/2012 Jazz Standard November Calendar Features: Jazz Composers Collective Reunion, Maria Schneider Orchestra, Geri Allen & Timeline
10/06/2012 The new album by Enrico Zanisi for CAM Jazz Records
09/23/2012 7th Bucharest International Jazz Competition for Bands and Vocalists (7000 euro prize)
09/23/2012 Finalists named for Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jon Hendricks, Melissa Walker, Michael Bourne and Larry Rosen to pick winner.
09/16/2012 Eurojazzland. Europe 'conquers' the Usa. Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts
08/25/2012 Cremona Pianoforte – II Edition. The only meeting point for the entire piano community
08/15/2012 In New York City, the 20th Anniversary of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival with workshops, panels and concerts
07/14/2012 Renaissance Woman Ranee Lee to re-release beautifully re-mastered "Deep Song: A Tribute to Billie Holiday" on Justin Time Records
06/28/2012 RARE JAZZ FILMS @ THE 38th Annual Jazz Record Collectors’ Bash June 29th - 30th Hilton Woodbridge Iselin, NJ
06/21/2012 Mike Stern covers all corners of the musical spectrum on new CD "All Over the Place"
06/17/2012 Bill Evans' "Live at Art D'Lugoff's Top Of The Gate" Historic Unreleased Live Performances Captured by Label President George Klabin More Than 40 Years Ago
06/17/2012 Veronneau releases Jazz Samba Project to celebrate fifty years of Samba and Bossa Nova
06/17/2012 Grammy® Award Winner Arturo O'Farrill makes solo piano debut with, The Noguchi Sessions,  
06/17/2012 Hal Gaylor to receive The First Annual Lifetime Achievement Award at Hudson Valley Jazz Festival
06/09/2012 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival Announces Star-Studded Lineup. World's top jazz artists among the headliners for this year's festival
06/08/2012 Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra at "El Taller", up Manhattan, NYC
06/06/2012 South Shore Jazz Fest Cancelled
06/06/2012 Karrin Allyson at Birdland, NYC
06/03/2012 Duduka da Fonseca & Helio Alves in "Samba Jazz & The Music Of Jobim" at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola
06/01/2012 Cristina Morrison presents the new album "I Love" at Somethin' Jazz Club in New York
05/26/2012 Clayton Brothers Present: The Gathering, the newest recording project
05/25/2012 At Birdland, New York, Django Reinhardt NY Festival, "The Young Lions of Gypsy Jazz"
05/20/2012 Young Jazz Pianist Nikolas Anadolis, Martial Solal Winner, enthuses international audience in Holland
05/19/2012 Armstrong The Vote! Vote to Preserve Louis's Garden
05/19/2012 Legendary Jazz Performers coming to The Ridgefield Playhouse: Arturo Sandoval, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Chris Botti
05/19/2012 Paco De Lucia, D'Angelo, Melody Gardot, Damien Rice, Brad Mehldau, and many others at Gent Jazz Festival
05/19/2012 Jazz Supergroup, The Cookers, celebrate their fifth anniversary with stellar third release, Believe
05/18/2012 Acclaimed e.s.t./Esbjörn Svensson Trio released. New studio album, 301, on Act Music
02/18/2012 Jazz Standard celebrates our 10th Anniversary with Houston Person, Fred Hersch, and other longtime favorites
12/10/2011 4th International Competition "Giovani Musicisti – Città di Treviso"
12/07/2011 Released "Big Blue", a new album by a Finnish Band for CAM Jazz
12/06/2011 “PIANO SOLO Incanti”, the latest “solo” work by Giorgio Gaslini, one of the most charismatic pianists on both Italian and international scenes in the past forty years
11/12/2011 Acclaimed Trumpeter/Composer Dave Douglas will lead four distinctive bands at Jazz Standard, December 8 – 11
09/20/2011 Bassoprofilo, the new album by Giovanni Tommaso for CAM Jazz
09/10/2011 Internationally renowned Jazz Pianist/Composer Amina Figarova’s extraordinary response to 9/11: “September Suite”
09/10/2011 New School Jazz 25th Celebration Concert at the Highline Ballroom, New York
09/07/2011 Cremona increasingly recognized as the international capital of music. Cremona Pianoforte, the only exhibition exclusively dedicated to the piano.
08/26/2011 Charlie Parker Birthday Celebration, Tribute to Bird at Smoke Jazz Club in New York
08/17/2011 South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) Announces 2011-2012 Season Jazz Concert Line-Up
08/12/2011 The Ray Barretto Legacy Band at Coquito Warwick Valley Jazz Festival Sat. Aug. 20th
08/12/2011 Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Jazz Orchestra at The Coca-Cola Generations In Jazz Festival
08/12/2011 Cuban pianist and composer Manuel Valera leads The New Cuban Express at the Jazz Standard in New York
08/10/2011 Released "Colors From A Giants Kit" by Sir Roland Hanna with rare piano solo sessions
08/06/2011 Israeli Pianist Alon Nechushtan, Cd Release party for "Words Beyond" at Cornelia Street Cafe, New York City
07/28/2011 "People Music", the new Randy Johnston's album, presented live at Smalls
07/27/2011 Jazz at the Maverick opens on August 6: Ivey-Divey Trio, Bill Charlap, Uri Caine
07/27/2011 Vicki Burns Quintet at the Iridium Jazz Club, Performing a Concert in Tribute to Jazz Vocal Legend, Anita O'Day
07/26/2011 Videogames and Jazz: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem and the World Wide Workshop team up for new youth program that blends music and digital literacy
07/26/2011 Terri Lyne Carrington's much anticipated. "The Mosaic Project" released
07/16/2011 Five Clubs in Four Days! Meet Ms. Tammy McCann in The Big Apple! July 16th - 19th
07/14/2011 Jazz Standard: Aaron Goldberg & Guillermo Klein play the music of their acclaimed album, Bienestan
06/26/2011 BMI's Esteemed Jazz Composer Workshop To Showcase New Works At 23rd Annual Concert
06/26/2011 Cuban Pianist Harold López Nussa To Release The New Album "El País De Las Maravillas"
06/18/2011 Mitch Winehouse Releases Debut Album "Rush Of Love", Available Now
06/17/2011 Piano Virtuoso Michel Camilo dazzles with "Mano a Mano"
06/17/2011 Jane Ira Bloom, Soprano Sax Of The Year - 2011 Jazz Journalists Association Awards
06/11/2011 Canadian Vocalist Alex Pangman To Release Collection Of Popular Songs From 1933
06/10/2011 Jazz Standard Presents The Pat Martino Organ Trio. For The First Time On Our Stage
06/02/2011 Pianist Monty Alexander bridges Jazz and Reggae to create 'One-Love' with new CD
06/02/2011 Pianist/Vocalist Eliane Elias explores the hot and cool sides of Brazilian Jazz on New CD "Light My Fire", delves into matters of the heart.
05/26/2011 Nine Hours of Nonstop Jazz at New Jersey Jazz Fest
05/23/2011 Samba Meets Jazz Summer Music Camp in Bar Harbor – Up Close With Leading Artists
05/15/2011 May 22nd New York Press Conference in Protest of Grammy Travesty. Naras Erases 31 Categories From Grammys
05/14/2011 34th Annual Atlanta 2011 Jazz Festival
05/13/2011 Concord Jazz Sets June Release For Debut Album by Bassist Ben Williams
05/13/2011 Jazz at Lincoln Center Announces 2011 Summer Tour Dates for Wynton Marsalis and JALC Orchestra
05/12/2011 Brazilian Saxophonist Ivo Perelman releases Dynamic Collection of Improvisations with New Quartet
05/11/2011 Carei F. Thomas New Book: "Compositions and Concepts"
05/10/2011 Nea Jazz Master Randy Weston To Receive His Majesty King Mohammed Vi's Honor For His Lifelong Commitment To Morocco's Gnaoua Music Tradition
05/08/2011 CAM Jazz releases "Irukandji", the new album by the pianist Daniel Fredar with Henrik Gad, Thomas Markusson and Jon-Erik Björänge
05/07/2011 New Pat Solo Guitar record coming June 14! Pre-Sale Starts Today!
05/07/2011 Jazz Standard Presents "A Night in Treme" With Donald Harrison Jr. , Cyrille Neville, And The Mardi Gras Indians
05/05/2011 Grammy-Nominated vocalist Karrin Allyson returns with "'Round Midnight"
05/04/2011 "A Great Night in Harlem" at Apollo Theater with over 40 legends of jazz, R&B, blues, and Rock ‘n' Roll...
05/03/2011 Requiem for a dreamer, the new album by John Taylor
05/01/2011 Kenny Garrett to receive Honorary Doctorate of Music Degree from Berklee College Of Music
04/30/2011 Jazz Journalists Association Announces 2011 Jazz Awards Finalists. Awards Gala June 11 at City Winery in NYC
04/21/2011 Viennese Prog-Jazz Band to Battle Gloom in New York City. ACFNY presents: Young Quartet Ferments Styles Beyond Tradition and Avant-Garde
04/21/2011 Gonzalo Rubalcaba Releases CD "FÉ … Faith", on his new "5 Passion" Label
04/21/2011 Labor Records reissues Heiner Stadler's pioneering album, Tribute to Bird and Monk (Labor 7074)
04/20/2011 American Pianists Association announces Aaron Diehl as 2011 Cole Porter Fellow in Jazz
04/16/2011 Lalo Schifrin at Lodz Film Festival
04/16/2011 Magnus Öström & Dan Berglund´s TONBRUKET on TV
04/16/2011 Keep an Eye Summer Jazz Workshop 2011: Conservatorium van Amsterdam co-hosted by Manhattan School of Music New York
04/15/2011 Charito Upcoming Appearances + New Zoho CD Heal the World
04/15/2011 Hamleto Stamato Quintet: Let's start with music and announce the first concert from this year's repertoire of the 2nd Valamar Jazz Festival!
04/15/2011 Bob Mintzer debuts new website featuring his Music and Arrangements
04/13/2011 Michael Franti & Spearhead Replace Lenny Kravitz at Jas Labor Day Weekend Festival
04/13/2011 Jazz Treasure Barbara Carroll Celebrates 65 Year New York Love Affair On New Album, "How Long Has This Been Going On?"
04/09/2011 Celebrate Revolution w/ Ruby Dee, Maluca, Matthew Shipp, David Murray, reg e. gaines + More Apr 11th Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall
04/06/2011 Pianissimo - Between Classical & Jazz
04/05/2011 The Pat Metheny Summer Guitar Workshop. 5 days also with Chris Mc Bride and Antonio Sanchez (Connecticut)
04/02/2011 PDX Jazz at The Mission Presents A New Monthly Jazz Series
04/02/2011 International Jamaica Ocho Rios Jazz Festival
04/01/2011 Jazz Standard welcomes the Legendary Roy Haynes in his first appearance on our stage
03/31/2011 The 19th Annual Las Vegas City of Lights - Jazz and R&B Festival - April 30th - May 1st 2011

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