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Azzurra Music - TBPJAB095

Danilo Memoli

1. Ode to Elvin (D. Memoli)
2. Old Devil Moon (B. Lane, arr. Memoli)
3. Bowlero (D. memoli)
4. Whole Blues (S. Senni)
5. In My Solitude (D. Ellington, arr. Memoli)
6. B, Myself (D. Memoli - B. Bruni)
7. The Flight of an Owl/Feliec (D. memoli)
8. A Flower's Gaze (D. Memoli)
9. You & The Night & The Music (H. Dietz - A. Schwartz)
Caravan (D. Ellington, arr. Memoli)

Danilo Memoli - piano
Stefano Senni - double bass
Massimo Chiarella -

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Azzurra Music srl
Via Tione, 19
37010 Pastrengo (VR)
tel. +39 045 6770495
Fax +39 045 6770497

The modality, the movement of the tonal center, a pedal point and the opening to swing that recalls the golden years of Mr. Elvin Jones - simply Elvin for the jazz history. Here is Ode to Elvin, the tune that introduces us to the sound of Danilo Memoli's trio.

The first part of this cd consists of five tracks. After Ode to Elvin, there are two standards: Old Devil Moon (a beautiful performance) and Solitude by Duke Ellington. Again, the pianist leads the trio à-la-Evans or à-la-Jarrett, leading to a strong interaction and counterpoint between bass and drums.

Bowlero, by Memoli, is a short, melancholic and refined melody, an unison between the bowed bass and the lower notes of his piano.

Aggressive and typically polyrythmic is Whole Blues, in which at times Thelonious Monk's ghost flutters pleasantly.

The central block of the album is made of three intentionally distinguished tunes. The titles are written in red, and all the tracks are composed by the leader. it feels as if we were brought into a private space, a parenthesis into the album that probably encloses elements of deep intimacy. There must be someone behind the "B" of B, Myself and in that name, Feliec, that gives the title to the entire cd. The substantial difference in performing these tunes is that Memoli plays here with a great sweetness, at times shyness. Clearly, some very personal aspects are mixed here with those of the artist and the musician.

He returns with powerful decision in the last two tracks, both remarkable: the standard You & the Night & The Music and the ellingtonian Caravan.

In conclusion, this is a very balanced record, where the search of an effective essentiality is reached by playing with a subtle control but with an intense energy that is needed to develop all the available dynamics.

With this second work, Memoli definitely reveals his maturity and class.
Marco Losavio for Jazzitalia

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Publishing Date: 10/04/2005

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