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Most people know Steve Khan, great guitar player who has chosen to share in these pages (also translated in italian) some of his music. Steve is a well known guitar player but he is also both a great teacher and composer. He has collaborated with musician world wide famous. Some of them: Brecker Bros, Larry Coryell, David Sanborn, Mike Mainieri, Steve Gadd, Will Lee, Don Grolnick, Anthony Jackson, Manolo Badrena, Steve Jordan, Joe Zawinul, Dave Weckl, Ron Carter, Al Foster, Dennis Chambers, Marc Johnson, Peter Erskine, Nana Vasconcelos, John Patitucci, Jack DeJohnette, Don Alias, Dave Valentin, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Eddie Palmieri, Freddie Hubbard, Steps Ahead. Moreover he has produced guitar players like Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Bireli Lagrene, and Bill Connors, the pianist Eliane Elias. He has written well known books like "WES MONTGOMERY GUITAR FOLIO", "PAT MARTINO-The Early Years", "GUITAR WORKSHOP SERIES-Steve Khan " and recently "CONTEMPORARY CHORD KHANCEPTS " and "PENTATONIC KHANCEPTS" (2002).

This is the welcome message for the italian friends:

My dear friends:
Welcome to KHAN'S KORNER. This is a most special moment for me because, with the publication in Italian of these pages, it marks the first time that this work is being shared in another language other than English. I am so pleased that this is taking place in Italy! Over time, we will be sharing with you lead sheets from my recordings as well as some transcriptions of solos. Each time, the written music will be accompanied by my analysis. These analyses can take the form of being almost strictly musical, but will always include some personal remembrances and reflections on the time period and the people who were closely involved. Please enjoy them with my best wishes, and here's hoping that I will be able to greet you all in person, in Italy, very soon! 
Steve Khan
New York City, December '02  

Got My Mental: beautiful blues in trio with Patitucci and De Johnette
Anhelante: a ballad played with the acoustic guitar
Descarga Canelón: latin composition
Tightrope: 11/4 fusion composition!
Dr. Slump: an unintentional "tribute to Jimi Hendrix"
An Eye Over Autumn: a piece which is an important point for Steve's career
Uncle Roy: an emblem piece of the best fusion
Daily Village: a piece with latin inspiration
Charanga Sì Sì: from the Caribbean Jazz Project
What I'm Said: from the album "Crossings"
Within You Without You/Blue Jay Way: from the album "Come Together"
Blue Zone 41: from the album "Public Access"
Daily Bulls: from the album "The Blue Man"
Sierra Madre: from the Dave Valentin's album "Sunshower"
El Viñón: from the album "The Green Field"   new
El Tacaño: from the album "Paraíso"   new

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